Do I Own My Book?

You Own Your Book 100%!

You are truly a partner with CLI as one of our CLI Select Agencies as we treat you like one. We are NOT here to take any ownership in your book.

Are There Entry or Exit Fees?

NO ENTRY OR EXIT FEES, but we only take select agencies that have proven industry experience. We want this to be a great fit for both sides, so we do not hold you captive with time or financial commitment.

Are There Commission Splits?

You earn 100% of your commissions. You are only obligated to pay a standard monthly membership fee. We do not believe your fees should increase as you grow your business.

What About Carrier Bonuses?

Because of our volume and profitability, you earn 100% of your bonuses and negotiated incentives! This is truly a group built for the independent agent!


We are constantly innovating and bringing new tools to our CLI Agencies. When you book a meeting below to learn more, we will be proud to show you our commitment to agents!


Being a part of CLI Select Agencies, your book will be like a bigger agency and provide you access to markets without the large carrier commitments put on individual agents. You will be INDEPENDENT BUT NOT ALONE!

Let's move.

We believe in supporting independent agencies by providing access to carriers and processes for them to thrive while still maintaining 100% ownership. As our name suggests we only work with "Select" agencies and thus we have a reputation in the industry of surrounding ourselves with the best that the independent insurance channel has to offer.

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